5 Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality by Royal Air Duct Cleaning.

Often, we assume that being indoors means we are protected from harsh elements or other irritants that may interfere with our comfort, or worse, our health.

Poor indoor air quality can be caused by a variety of factors that, decease if unchecked, can lead to headaches, sinus problems, infections, lung disease,  and lung cancer. In fact, shockingly, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has stated that the air inside buildings might be five times more polluted than the air outdoors. Below are a few poor indoor air quality culprits:

Biological Pollutants It isn’t uncommon for bacteria, view mold, and other types of fungi to settle indoors. If your house contains areas that are prone to moisture or the accumulation of water and condensation, these may serve as prime locations for unhealthy cultures to grow. Once molds have become present, allergenic spores can be released into the air, which can then be ingested. In addition,…
10 Benefits of Installing Programmable Thermostats
Now that the hot weather is behind us and we are getting ready for the Heating Season preparing our furnaces and heat pumps for the winter. You can put the remote sensor in a room that is not getting enough heat or not enough air conditioning.
We have always recommended that a Programmable Thermostat during the heating system because you can set your thermostat back during the day when you are not home.  We have listed below some of the benefits of having a Programmable Thermostat in your home. You can even buy the stat you want and we will install and program it for you. (Call for a price quote) Options are, Multiple room sensors, You may need a power extender depending on the old wiring you have. Program to your cell phone to turn it on while you are on the way home or keep an eye to make sure others don't raise it up thus surging your gas bill. On your cell phone, it also tells you trouble alarms, Power is out, high temp like a fir…
Get ready for fall! If anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma,

Dirty air filters can worsen the air quality and exacerbate the symptoms.

Replacing your filter removes much of the dust and pollen particles and ensures that your air
quality stays healthy. Have your air ducts cleaned,

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Water in the ducts is bad news
We have a flood pumper and we can suck the water out of the ducts. Then we spray in sanitizer to kill mold, mildew, fungi, yeast and algae germs and bacteria.
Regardless of what type of sub-slab ductwork is present, water is the main concern. If water finds its way into sub-slab ductwork, mold can follow. This leads to poor indoor air quality and health concerns. That stuff at the top of the duct in the picture below sure looks like mold, doesn’t it? Water in sub-slab ductwork
The biggest concern with all sub-slab ductwork is the potential for water to enter the ducts, which is what today’s blog post is all about.
Side note: sub-slab ductwork is ductwork installed below the concrete floor.
If you’re buying a home with sub-slab ductwork, make sure that your home inspector checks the sub-slab ductwork for any signs of past water intrusion. Signs of water intrusion are a major concern because it’s usually not a simple repair. The image below shows a modern …
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