We are so happy to show off new High Power Gas Vacuum. This will clean our customer's ducts 22.2% better. It cost $8000.00 and it is worth every penny. Call Now 1-877-656-6444

It's called The Porta-Vac 

Air Duct Cleaning VacuumThe Meyer Porta-Vac® vacuum is specifically designed for indoor air duct cleaning. With its 23 HP CARB compliant gas engine, Porta-Vac® has more power than electric units and more mobility than traditional truck and trailer mounted machines. It can be easily transported to a job site and moved to a convenient exterior location. With the use of a shorter more efficient hose run and an external filter bag, the Porta-Vac® performs as well as a truck mount, at a fraction of the price. It offers hybrid advantages and is ideal for entry-level and experienced duct cleaning contractors.


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